Hugging the Coastal Mountains

I used to live in Northern California while getting my master’s at Stanford University and also worked full time. I lived there for 5 years. The place was in San Mateo, which is about a one-hour or so drive from Half Moon Bay. I seldom had the time to drive there but I did drive part of the way quite often. The view is aw inspiring!

First you see these amazing waves of thick ocean layer curling around the mountains as if to dress it in a veil giving it a huge hug. Whatever your imagination may be, mine was of a big squeeze of love. There was also a lake as you passed and I remember driving there many times to look back east to see the pink and clue setting skies opposite of the sun settling on the west. In this painting you see me looking toward the west. You see the mountains where the ocean layer gets stuck, beyond which is Half Moon Bay and its gorgeous beach by the Pacific Ocean. But to me to most exciting part of heading toward half Moon Bay was to go when the mountain was hugged by a big layer of white fluff. So here is my memory of that white stuff painted on my iPad using the Inspire Pro app and a precision stylus.

White ocean layer huggs a mountain

Mountains by Half Moon Bay are hugged by white fluff of ocean layer in the Bay area.

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Summer wonderland

It has been some time that I had the chance to post to my web. Just simply too busy photographing weddings, portraits, moms to be, and newborn babies, to actually post anything. But here is a picture you might like. I have painted this from one of my photographs I took during a memorial I was hired to cover. This was shortly after the memorial as the guests were hugging the widow and the family. The children were running free and happy in the back of the yard.

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Children playing in a summer afternoon

Summer Fairytale – in oil pastel

More posting will come soon!