Artistic Style

What is artistic style in wedding photography? Here we will show you what we mean.

Before You Hire A Photographer

A well-known wedding photographer, Bambi Cantrell, said the following in an interview:

“There are so many people coming into the photography industry these days, I mean everybody who has a camera thinks they’re a photographer… People who are still in demand, like myself even after 25 years, I’m still regarded a trendsetter and good enough to have people want me to photograph their events. It’s because when I photograph an event like a wedding, I know how to flatter the body and I don’t think there isn’t a woman in the world who wouldn’t love to appear …[nicer]…than she is…

…it’s not about your camera. Cameras don’t take pictures, people do. I could have the same oven as Wolfgang Puck, but I can tell you there’s not a way in the universe I’m going to create the same kind of meal that guy does, because I don’t have his skills.”

Many clients who look for a photographer don’t really know where to start. They know they want good quality pictures and the amount of money they have for it but then what else do they need to know? Here are some common questions and answers to help you on your way. For any additional questions, please contact me! I am glad to answer your questions even if you end up not hiring me! =)

Sorry if you find this page a bit long… but it is worthy your reading! I guarantee it!

Question: My budget is very limited, can you meet it?

Answer: No. It is like cars. If you cannot afford a Mercedes, you will be happy with a Toyota and if you cannot afford the Toyota, you will be happy with the Kia, and so forth. Photography is the same. The saying “you get what you pay for” is true in photography as well as it is in cars, or dentists, of cosmetic surgery. There is nothing wrong with having a low budget; but there is everything wrong with having a high budget and not spending it wisely!

I will work with you and provide you the best I can provide given the budget you have. If your budget cannot afford a whole day coverage, think of an hourly coverage of the most important parts of your wedding only. Do you really need pictures of your dancing friends after a few drinks? Do you really need to have 2 hours of photo coverage as you are getting ready? When it all comes down to it, you need to decide what is the most important part of your wedding and have your photographer hired for only that time period! That is the best way to be money wise and have great quality photos at the same time! The quality of my work never changes only the length of the photo coverage will change based on your budget. The number of artistic finishes will also be set by your budget.

Question: You are much more expensive than other photographers. Why?

Answer: I am much more expensive because I am insured, licensed, use very expensive equipment, and most importantly, because I am an artist and I consider photography an art. No one will have pictures like I take. My photos are unique. Having been named in the top 5 artistic photographers in Orange county by CBS (yes, the TV!), where there are thousands of photographers, is not by accident!

Question: Well, I can take good pictures of my friends so photography is really just having a camera and pressing the shutter!

Answer: If that is what you think your wedding photos should be like, ask a friend to take your photos with your camera.

Then after your wedding photos turned out all so so, come to me and we will do a mini session of just you and your husband to get “romance” pictures you can actually put in an album for life because the pictures your friend will take will have heads and feet cut off, will have you with red eyes, and will be too noisy to do anything with. You will only be charged my hourly rate. The outcome of the whole will not nearly be as satisfying as if you had hired me the first place! But feel free to hire your friend.. just remember: hopefully you only get married once!

Question: So what about “cheap photographers” that advertise full wedding coverage for really low price like $50 to $600?


Yep, there are many cheap photographers out there. I know of photographers who will photograph your entire wedding for $50 – $600. What does that actually mean? If you have a 6-8 hour wedding, which is the average, the photographer charging you that low price is working for less than minimum wage! So you say: “I don’t care.. still they are pictures!”.. right… assuming you actually get those pictures!

Just in the past 2 months I received calls from 3 brides who got married and hired such cheap photographers for their weddings on 11-11-11 and some on 12-12-12. They NEVER received their photos… and they never will. They have to redo their entire wedding…so at the end, how much money have they actually end up spending? The “cheap photographer” money spent for nothing + an entire wedding reset + a new photographer (like me) to cover the new make-up wedding with the loss of the special date of course! Hence the cheap photography can turn into a very expensive photography in no time!

“Cheap price” should be a warning sign for you that you are dealing with an amateur at best or a crook at worst. If a crook, he is not intending to give you the photos.. he is just pressing the shutter and will never see you again. If an amateur, she is trying to build up her portfolio and she may not have photographed weddings on her own ever! The chance of your photos turning out great from that is pretty much zero.

I have a question to my brides who read this: Would you hire a person who daytime works for your neighborhood hamburger place serving hamburgers to do your wedding photos? Cheap price photographers imply they have a full time job in something other than photography and do weddings and other types of photography on the side to make some extra pocket cash… would you want that as your wedding photographer? Would you go to a dentist who only does that to earn some extra pocket cash but otherwise works as a packer in the local grocery store?

What makes a professional photographer

A professional photographer is one who has many years of learning and experience photographing all kinds of events, and has professional equipment. A professional photographer is also fully insured and has a business licence. A professional photographer will also have a contract for you to sign that spells out in full detail what you can expect and what you cannot.

A photographer who takes on a wedding without a contract is not a professional! Watch out!!!

Question: How can I tell a professional photographer from a non-professional one?

Answer: I am a Canon shooter and carry the best and most recent equipment. But equipment does not make a photographer any more than a great oven will make me a great chef! A professional photographer is one who takes amazingly artistic and great photos. Unfortunately, when you hire your photographer, and you don’t consider the outcome, there is no chance for a repeat! I have many brides coming to me who hired cheap photographers and they either did not get their photos at all or got junk stuff–as stated earlier. So be aware of who you hire!

If you hire me with the artistic package, here is what you get–look at the 4 steps below:

1) step 1: the original photo

wedding photo unedited

A cheap photographer will provide this!

The photo is a bit cluttered and the Maid of Honor’s face gets an unwelcome light shine up from a ceiling light. Note also the red shutter background of the church and that the candles are growing out of the MOH’s back and face. These are environmental factors the photographer cannot control. But what happens next matters. If you hired a cheap photographer, you will get the above picture!

Step 2: start modifying the picture to make it look nicer. A cheap photographer will not do this modification. A medium priced one will. Here is a crop that reduces the clutter a little and highlights the beautiful part.


The photo you would get if you hired a beginner photographer

However, the picture still shows the church red shutters as very dominant, the shine on the face of the Maid of Honor–which is calling attention and you don’t even see her, only the shine, and the candles growing out of the MOH’s back and face… so… what will the best artistic photographer (me) do? Also, the groom is cut in half and the officiant is not making a favorable expression.

Step 3) Change the picture completely to make it into an artistic photo–Below is the type of edit my simplest artistic packages contain.

semi edited photo

Good quality photographer will give this photo

And finally, if you purchase the exclusive artistic package for your wedding photography, you may be getting the following painting as well.

Step 4) Painting like this are shown in the standard and artistic packages as well but are not included for a free download. For the exclusive packages paintings like this are included at no extra charge.

Fine art painting

The painting my exclusive wedding packages include

The important thing is for you to see that there are huge differences between photographers and how a photograph can become a priceless art.

Question: Here is how my wedding budget looks: $5,000 for the venue, $3,000 for the gown, $2,000 for all the flowers and bouquet, $600 for the DJ, $2,000 for open bar, $800 for the cake, and $500 – $2,000 for the photos. Does this sound right?

Answer: No. Everything on your list is for a single day in your life except for your photos. Your photos will stay with you for life. The gown you likely never wear again, the music and venue are only going to last for a few hours and then puff all gone. Nothing will remain except your photos. So why would you budget the least amount of money for the item that will matter the most–your photos? Your budget’s most expensive item should be the wedding photographer.

Question: I also want video as well as photo but can only afford one of the two. Which is better?

Answer: Excellent question and the answer is simple: do you still have 8-tape player? How about any other tape player? How about floppy card for your computer? No? Digital formats come and go. Today DVDs are in… Blu-Rays also started but are limited only to be played back in Blue-Ray players… tomorrow maybe they will all be unreadable. You really need to get your photos in a format that will remain readable for life. What kind in that? You have basically one true format: album. But I understand that today many of us want digital.. so get it on a DVD and then switch it over to the new types of digital formats as they get updated!

I hope I answered many of your questions! Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, critics, and comments. I am glad to answer any questions you have!

I am looking forward to meeting you and help you plan your big day’s photography!

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