Do you like to dance?

Have you ever felt so happy that you wanted to dance in your happiness? I often feel that way and when I was a child I used to listen to classical music and choreographed my own ballet and danced for it. This is probably why I am still very much attracted to ballet and find many opportunities to go see it and also to paint or draw dancers. Here you see a ballerina drawn with white pastel on black paper digitally of course.

Art Prints

I believe I noted before that digital arts have many advantages over arts in oil or acrylic on canvas or board. The most important of these advantages of digital over “real” is that since they were already created digitally, they will look perfect printed on canvas; they will print exactly as you see them on your monitor and not flat! It is a frequent complaint of buyers of “real” art after purchasing a print on canvas that the art is “flat” and void of texture. This is natural since on your monitor you only see the digitally photographed version of that art and not the actual art itself. Digital photography of highly textured items like oil or acrylic paint removes textures and makes them appear flat but not so with art created digitally to start with. Real art textures on digital photograph show up as shadow–which is nothing but a dark color but of the same height, hence no texture.

Art created digitally originally does not have this problem since its texture is created digitally to imitate real texture. It this will provide you in print with exactly what you see on your monitor!

Digital art is also green art–meaning it uses nontoxic materials and doesn’t kill trees in the making!

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