Have you been to the Canyons lately?

I visited the Antelope Canyons some time ago; it was a dream come true. I received as a gift from my husband and all day (8 hours) hiking package with a Navajo Tour Guide to go through 5 of the canyons open at that time with my camera and photograph as I please.

Many people are familiar with Peter Lik, a famous photographer whose art on the same subject I admired so with that in mind (and as a contest of sort) I attacked the canyon with full force. The guide is used to tourists and preferred to point out spots to stand to photograph from but I rejected and so he asked why and I told him that imagine me as Peter Lik; does he also give directions to Peter Lik on what to photograph and from what angle? Hence from that point on I was able to capture whatever I wished. I was standing in holes big enough for one mouse (don;t ask me how) and walked on the vertical walls of the canyons and climbed over boulders twice my size… I had sore muscles after that for days…

In any case, one of the pictures I took that day has become a National Geographic published photo so the trouble was definitely worth it! This photo is available for sale as a print and also as a digital download, just click on the links underlying the words.

The print is here for your enjoyment:

Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon National Geographic published photo

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