Dawn — because I never see them.. maybe you do!


An iPad Painting using all my skills (not from photograph) and the app Inspire Pro.

Dawn is a time of the day that a night owl like me never sees. Plus I live on the West Coast behind a mountain range that separates me from ever seeing a sunrise like this. I am used to seeing sunsets–albeit in Southern California sunsets are usually quite plain; we rarely if ever get “clouds” other than ocean layer type clouds, which turn things gloomy and dark rather than allow for nice colors to come through. It does, but very seldom.

The sunrise you see here is purely from my imagination. People often tell me that iPad or iPhone or other digital touchscreen artists paint over photos.. well.. no… I don’t and while many I ma sure do, those who actually know how to paint, need not do that.

Another common observation I get from those interested in purchasing art is that “well.. it is just digital.. it will look totally flat and horrible printed”. My answer is pretty simple: actually no! First of all, if you purchase a print online of an oil paint, you are purchasing a print from a photo of an oil paint! The photo takes all definition and depth out of oil and acrylic paintings and their textures since they were not optimized for printing on canvas but for painting on canvas.

Digital art, by contrast, is created specifically for print so whatever texture I put there (and on iPad art that will not be possible but on my computer art it is strongly visible) will be there when it is printed.

To purchase this art, you have three options:

1) Purchase a print from http://angela-stanton.artistwebsites.com/featured/dawn-angela-a-stanton.html

2) Purchase a print or a digital download from http://www.stantonphotostudios.com/paintings/h60d01de4#h60d01de4

3) contact me by email at angela@stantonphotostudios.com if you would like an odd size or gel atop the print.

Thank you and see you soon!

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